Gerardo Lopez


A passionate adventurer and proud Chilango, Gerardo is originally from Mexico City. After moving to Australia in 2009 he became frustrated with the less-than-ideal offerings of “Mexican” cuisine available back then. He saw an opportunity to follow his culinary dream and share authentic Mexican with his new home.

Since the opening of La Tortilleria Gerardo has become the host of ‘This is Mexico’, a six-part television series about Mexican cuisine created by Dual Entertainment and filmed in Mexico. The series aired on Channel 10 in Australia in January 2020 and currently showing in Norway and the USA.  A second season of the show is on the works.

Gerardo is a regular commentator in the media on the topics of Mexican cuisine, culture and travel. He has appeared on other Australian TV shows such as Food Safari, My Market Kitchen, Andy & Ben eat Australia, and Ben’s Menu.

In 2018, Gerardo received the Outstanding Mexican Abroad Award from the Mexican Federal Government, becoming the first Australian-based Mexican to do so. The award recognises Mexicans living outside of Mexico who have made a valuable contribution to raising the profile and enhancing the image of Mexico in their adopted country.

Gerardo is also a prolific adventurer, climber and traveller having visited more than 87 countries. In 2009, Gerardo summitted Mount Everest, becoming the 26th Mexican to do so. He is currently planning to climb another 8,000-meter mountain for 2021.