Authentic Corn Tortillas

A great taco starts with a great tortilla, but not all corn tortillas are created equally…

Our tortillas are all made in Melbourne under the close supervision of a fourth generation nixtamal tortilla maker. We start with Australian grown raw corn kernels that are soaked overnight, stone-ground then flame baked. The way it was done by the Aztecs and Mayans in 1200 BC and the way it’s still done in the villages of Mexico today. No processed tortilla flower or masa harina in sight. Just delicious corn tortillas made with an ingredient list just two items long: Corn and sea salt.

The difference? Think of it like the difference between instant coffee verses a freshly poured espresso. It’s harder to make and certainly takes longer, but the real authentic taste makes it all worth it.

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“Stepping into fresh nixtamalised corn tortillas is just incomparable to any other product that we’ve seen, and here at Mamasita we’ll certainly never go back.”

Andrew Logan - Former Head Chef, Mamasita mamasita-logo

“I truly believe you will not find a better tortilla this side of Mexico… I have recommended La Tortilleria to many of my chef friends and have never had any argument that they are absolutely the best. I highly recommend them.”

Mark Santos - Head Chef, Captain Melville

“La Tortilleria provide an exceptional level of authenticity and freshness in their tortillas. As the product is made from fresh ground corn, the texture, flavour, freshness and nutritional quality in the product is unrivalled.”

Tim McDonald - Co-founder & Owner, Fonda Mexican Restaurants fondalogo

“We love La Tortilleria tortillas… Fantastic service, we couldn’t make great tacos without them.
We are so grateful to have access to these beautiful tortillas made from fresh masa.”

Kathy Reed - Executive Chef, Mesa Verde mesa logo

“The best and most authentically flavoured Mexican foods in Australia… truly world-class and in a league of their own: uniquely-ancient, delicious and a prerequisite for the serious foodies, chefs and restauranteurs.”

Paul Wilson - Chef, restaurant founder & author of 'Cantina' & 'Taqueria' Mexican recipe books

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Wholesale FAQs

Yes. We have a retail product range suitable for grocery stores, and a foodservice product range suitable for restaurants, cafes, caterers, food trucks, bars etc. We supply across Australia, South-East Asia and New Zealand. Please contact us or see our wholesale page for more details.

Please drop us a line at [email protected] or give us a call on 1300 556 084. We look forward to hearing from you!

No, definitively not! Our products are 100% trans fat free.

We sell our tortillas by the kilogram, just like in Mexico. Each packet contains 1kg of tortillas. The number of tortillas per kilogram varies depending on which size of tortilla you get. We sell tortillas in sizes ranging from a diameter of 8cm to 29cm. A carton of tortillas contains 10 x 1kg packets but you can order smaller quantities from one of our online retailers. For non-Victorian customers buying through our distributors, please consult them directly for carton configurations.

La Tortilleria products are available for wholesale everywhere in Australia, either through our network of quality distributors, or if you’re outside a distributor area we can supply to you direct.