Restaurant FAQs

We are not BYO, however we do have a fully stocked bar offering beer, wine, cocktails, tequila and mescal.

The maximum group we can take on one table is 12 people. If you’re happy to split over different tables we can accommodate a maximum of 25 people. To book for more than 10 people, please email your request to [email protected]

La Tortilleria has an entirely gluten free kitchen. In order to protect our gluten intolerant customers we need to be very strict about controlling what comes into the kitchen. Due to the risk of cross contamination we don’t allow outside cakes to be brought into the kitchen (even if gluten free). You can bring a cake into the restaurant, but please understand that we will not store it in the fridge or in the kitchen for you. We also have an excellent birthday flan you can pre-order by emailing [email protected]

Yes of course! We love canine customers. The best option is to book a table online and write in the comments section that you need an outside or balcony table for your dog.

Outside tables are very popular in warmer weather. Book online and mention in the comments section you prefer an outside table and we’ll do the best we can, first in first served. Note that smoking is not allowed anywhere in our garden or on the balcony, due to health department regulations.

Yes, once your order is confirmed you’ll receive a tracking number via email and a link to a site where you can track your parcel. Any questions regarding delivery can be directed to the courier listed on your confirmation email.

Tortilla FAQs

In October 2014 Monash University gave corn tortillas an overall rating of Green, meaning they are suitable for a low FODMAP diet. See

Yes, our production kitchen is 100% free from major allergen ingredients such as gluten, nuts, soy, seafood, dairy and eggs.

Yes. All our products are gluten free and are produced in a 100% gluten free facility. Our tortillas and totopos are certified gluten free by Coeliac Australia.

Yes! La Tortilleria tortillas and tortilla chips contain no enzymes or mysterious non-vegan additives. Our corn tortillas and our totopos are both certified by the Vegan Society and carry the vegan logo.