El Grito De Independencia, El Grito De Dolores ~ The Shout Of Independence

Just as the title suggests, this is one of Mexico’s most praised and commemorative dates marking both a strong and encouragement towards freedom in a rather symbolic start of what was to be an ongoing struggle of many battles that lasted for 11 years against Spanish colonialism.

A calling out for independence that would later become our famous cry, was performed by priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, which happened well into the night of September 15th, 1810, in the state of Guanajuato. This event would not only be a significant emblem in Mexican culture, but it would shape Mexico’s history forever.

As we all know, history is not one that presents itself without irony… It wasn’t until 1821 after a series of events leading to the unfortunate demise and beheading of the movement’s leader, the torch passed to another priest named José María Morelos (who would also meet the same ) and a failed attempt at imposing a constitutional monarchy led by the Agustin Iturbide, that would eventually bring the country to its emancipation as a sovereign and autonomous nation under Guadalupe Victoria: Mexico’s first president.


So why is it also called “Grito de Dolores” then?

Even though the recounts and details of these facts vary, they all seem to coincide in that this was a call for insurgency, but also hope.

The night of the 15th of September 1810 was witness to Hidalgo’s speech, delivered in the atrium of a church in the town of Dolores, north-central Mexico, called Nuestra Señora de los Dolores (Our Lady of Dolores). Again, irony makes its way through into our story, as this was indeed a crying pain to overcome…

The ringing of the church bells was an open invitation to fight for what was so valuable to Mexicans, freedom. Nowadays, this Guanajuato’s municipality is known as Dolores Hidalgo, a name proudly taken after its liberator.

All these personalities, and national heroes for some, who stood against injustices and wanted to defend people from Spanish rule, were willing to give their lives in search for an ideal that was much bigger than them. And for that, we thank, remember and honour them, and the ability of thousands of Mexicans to endure such challenges. One might get the impression that it was almost predestined that Mexico’s core culture would be preserved, after all these years and despite foreign influence.


Time to celebrate with a Fiesta!

Phew… A lot happened back then… it’s no wonder this date is celebrated with such passion and pride! If there’s anything Mexicans are well known for, alongside their delicious food and ancestral beverages, it’s that they know how to throw a party! And when it comes to patriotic celebrations such as Independence Day, the whole country comes to a halt.

has not long started, and the festivities are underway… Every state, every city, town, and municipality adorn its streets, houses, and buildings in green (representing hope), white (unity) and red (the blood of national heroes) setting a celebratory mood as contagious as can be, in preparation for the upcoming days into the , or month of the homeland.

Mariachi, flag ceremonies, school performances, local parades, and of course the famous annual re-enactment on the night of September 15, when the President goes out to the main balcony of the National Palace in Mexico city and as a token of remembrance of these important figures, cries ¡Viva México! three times, preluding the 16th of September. ¡Viva México! ¡Viva México! ¡Viva México!

Oh, and the food!? One of Mexico’s most popular street foods commonly known as garnachas are sold everywhere in all their glorious varieties! So rich, so savory, so full of… story! Every bite is like tasting a cultural heritage that transcends time.


Want to recreate some of these recipes and celebrate with us? Here are some ideas: https://latortilleria.com.au/articles/mexican-independence-day-how-to-host-your-own-party/


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El Grito De Independencia, El Grito De Dolores The Shout Of Independence